It's time to say goodbye...

Unfortunately, it is time we must say goodbye and thank you for all of your years of service with us at BeastNode.
This decision has not been easy for us and is not a choice we made easily.
We have loved every moment of hosting your worlds and allowing your imaginations to run free!

For those that are still holding on!

We're thrilled to announce that BisectHosting has graciously offered to set up your server within their network!
BisectHosting will assist you with setup and file transfers making the process painless!

Simply click on the link below:

Switch to BisectHosting

Remember to reference BeastNode in your subject!
Provide your most recent paid invoice and they will honour your current pricing along with your remaining term!

Please note that if you have already recieved a refund this offer is not available.
Instead you will be able to use "BeastNode" for 25% off any plan of your choosing!

From the 27th of November 2022 BeastNode, LLC will cease operations. Please ensure you download your worlds and cancel your PayPal subscriptions (Card payments will be done automatically).

From everyone at BeastNode. Thank you.

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